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I act mostly as a Buyer's agent, specializing in selecting properties that not only satisfy my clients' needs and wants, but have great potential for a high return on investment and price appreciation. I work with both foreign buyers and local clients who want to restructure their real estate assets.


  • Buying From Builders
  • Buying on the Resale Market
  • Renting Out

Buying a condo is one of the best options for getting an affordable place to live in the epicenter of social and cultural life in Toronto. For the same reason, buying a condo as an investment and renting it out is also a smart choice due to the high demand. However, buying a condo in Toronto is not an easy task as you have to navigate through a huge selection of different building projects and take into consideration many different factors. I help my clients select the best properties that would bring the highest return on investment and would withstand any downturns in the real estate market. I also help clients rent out their condos to minimize the associated hassle.


  • Buying & Selling
  • Rebuilding
  • Downsizing

In addition to the usual real estate transactions such as buying and selling detached houses and townhouses, I specialize in helping my clients restructure their real estate assets. This includes developing and implementing a strategy for smart investing or reinvesting in real estate. I help my clients sell their property and invest in real estate that would provide the highest return. As part of this "smart investment" strategy, I help select inexpensive houses with good potential for renovation or rebuilding that would greatly increase their value. I also assist with relocation to areas with much lower home prices, locally or overseas.


If you want to buy or sell property on your own and just need some extra help from a professional realtor, I can provide consulting services. If you are buying, this can include estimating the market value, assessing the adequacy of the price, giving an expert opinion regarding the selected property, helping prepare the offer, advising on negotiation strategy, and so on.

If you are selling, my services can include evaluating the current state of the real estate market in your area, assessing the selling price, advising on pre-sale preparation, consulting on how to increase the value of your property, helping you review offers, and so on. My team can also prepare advertising materials that are ready for distribution.

The fee is flexible and will depend entirely on the type of services you require.