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One of my strengths as a realtor is my approach to every purchase of real estate as an investment. As a result, my clients get a property that not only meets all of their needs, but is also a great investment that can bring considerable profit in the future.

Due to my background in economics and business experience, I have a deep understanding of issues related to real estate investment. I treat every purchase as an investment project and conduct a thorough financial analysis. This is especially important when buying commercial or recreational properties.

When I work with investment projects I provide my clients with help on a much wider range of issues than an average real estate agent. I act as a project manager and cooperate with specialists in many different fields who can perform certain tasks. I am very selective when employing such specialists and I look for a combination of high professionalism and reasonable prices.

Residential: Condos & Townhouses

When I help my clients buy a condo or a townhouse I select properties with no hidden flaws. I make sure that the property has good potential for price appreciation and can provide a high return on investment if it is a rental property.

Construction: Houses

I help my clients select an old house on a good-size lot in a desirable neighbourhood for the purpose of demolishing it and building a new house. I help organize the entire process, from selecting and purchasing to the subsequent sale of the newly built house. I work with proven contractors who I can recommend to my clients if needed. If a foreign investor is not in Canada and cannot oversee the process in person, I can take care of the management of the construction.

Conversion: Industrial Buildings

I help select industrial buildings for conversion into office space or for other uses. I can take care of obtaining the required permits and hiring contractors. I can also help with further management of the property, depending on the chosen strategy for its use.

Recreational: Resorts & Lodges

I can help select resorts and lodges in great locations that can be bought for attractive prices. One of my main selection criteria is that this property should have good potential for further development, for increasing cash flow, and for price appreciation. I provide help with formulating a development strategy for the property, and offer suggestions on how to attract customers.